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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pose Pack: Toddlers and Tiaras

I have a confession I should probably make...
Toddlers and Tiaras is my guilty pleasure. I love that TV show so much! I don't know why, but I just love it!

So, here's a pose pack inspired by the toddlers and the moms.
There are 4 main toddler/adult poses and 2 just toddler poses
(for those of you who don't watch it, the pageant moms have this thing of copying out the toddler's routine while in the audience so the toddler remembers it and basically copies what their mom is doing, hence the toddler/adult poses)

Pose 1:
(in case you can't see, her fingertips are on her cheeks)
Pose code:

Pose code:
Crazy mommy showing toddler what to do there, hehe

Pose 2:
Pose Code:
or (for larger skirts)

Pose Code:

Pose 3a:
Pose Code:

Pose code:

Pose 3b:
Pose code:

Pose code:

Now, the two toddler only poses:

Pose 4:
Pose code:

(Explanation; when the contestants win a prize, they either go up on to the stage or if they're already there, they stick up their hand)

Pose 5:
Pose code:

(Poor Juni, she didn't win in this picture )

These are pose list enabled, and all the pictures above are included in the file.
Standard TOU applies,  no plagiarism, no pay sites, no re-uploading
If for any reason it doesn't work, please do tell me.

Download Here
I'd be more than interested to see if anyone can fit these in to their story with or without the whole pageant thing behind it
For the record, Alyssa probably wouldn't make her kids enter pageants, well, maybe. She kinda seems like the kind of mom who would like that stuff.

Pose Pack: Picture Inspired

My first ever pose pack that I've released! Squee!
Anyway, the name of this pose pack has a story behind it:
On my old iPod, I had this romantic drawing on the lock screen, and because of the death of my charger, I haven't been able to see the picture anymore. So, I made a pose to immortalize it (for a while at least)
Then, I got more romantic-y ideas

This pose pack contains four couples poses, all for adults.

Pose 1:(this is the pose of the photo)
Pose codes:

Pose 2:
Pose codes:

Pose 3:
Pose codes:

Pose 4:

These are poselist enabled and my standard TOU applies. No plagiarism, no pay sites, no re-uploading
Additional pictures are in the download.

p.s. for anyone that reads my legacy, you'll get a cookie if you can suss out who the blonde is.